Back Back XL

BackBackA Belgian based jazz trio. “An unusual line-up” you might think, or “no bass player, isn’t that a handicap?” Not so with Backback. Through years of rehearsing, gigging, and recording the trio has forged their own impressive sound and they also seem to have a magic formula that keeps their music fresh, ingenious, yet accessible. Filip Wauters’ original compositions are moulded around and bounce off and the band’s individual playing styles and explore a whole range of musical styles and influences: jazz, rock, free jazz, funk, the result is uniquely Backback. All members are experienced professional musicians and have played in a number of different bands and feel at home in various genres, but their true labour of love is Backback, the way they like to play the most. Now an established name in the Belgian jazz and club scene, Backback plays regularly at festivals and in smaller clubs.

06.11.2015 – Het Bos – Antwerpen

Filip Wauters – Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar
Marc De Maeseneer – Baritone and Tenor Saxophones
Hanne De Backer – Baritone Sax
Giovanni Barcella – Drums


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