RAT RECORDS was founded in 2003 by Teun Verbruggen and Bruno Vansina. Their goal was to produce contemporary jazz and experimental alternative music, to organize concerts, to promote free improvised music and to create a platform for experimental music.

RAT stands for ‘Rare and Treacherous’. RAT RECORDS wants to produce music without compromises. Their focus lies on all alternative, experimental music that does not fit within the ‘mainstream’ category. The first two releases ‘Trio Music’ (2004) and ‘In Orbit’ (2006) were created by VVG trio. Further releases were created by Othin Spake, Rackham, The Black Napkins, Too Noisy Fisch.

RAT EVENT emerged in 2008 from a label night by RAT RECORDS. Several venues have organized a RAT EVENT ever since (Vooruit, Recyclart, AB, Zuiderpershuis…). The past few years RAT EVENT often programmed bands that were linked to the RAT RECORD label. Improvisation, interaction and experimentation are each time of key importance for this project. Teun Verbruggen always looks for musicians and bands that share his common philosophy towards the rejection of classical music genres. These artists can have a very different background, but are all expected to keep an open mind while engaging in this musical project.

For the 2015 edition, Teun Verbuggen selected again some very exciting musicians. During the months of September, October and November RAT EVENT programmed three different concert at Het Bos, Antwerpen with a selection of the best contemporary improvised music the scene has to offer today

Tandaapushi (Leo Dupleix trio)
An Expedition in to the Mind of Sgt. Fuzzy

9/10/15 :
them Chemicals

Pak Yan Lau solo
Backback XL

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