RAT RECORDS was founded in 2003 by Teun Verbruggen and Bruno Vansina. Their goal was to produce contemporary jazz and experimental alternative music, to organize concerts, to promote free improvised music and to...

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Louis Evrard Solo

Influenced by a very wide range of music style, from most abstract contemporary music to mainstream hiphop, he created an unique way of playing and approaching the drums that allows him to participate...

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Jozef Dumoulin Solo

“One of the most inventive pioneers in his genre”, “piano wizard”, “a keyboard magician” or “a Fender Rhodes specialist”, are some of the quotes describing Jozef Dumoulin. The press qualified his music as...

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Sgt Fuzzy

Sgt. Fuzzy

SGT. FUZZY is a jazz/rock/improvisation band based on the shared passion of its members to create a musical style which combines the freedom of improvised music with the undeniable influence from todays pop...

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Tandaapushi (Léo Dupleix)

  Tandaapushi is a power trio, playing mostly improvised music. After meeting in Brussel, and sharing the stage in many different musical contexts, they felt the need to join forces to create a...

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Them Chemicals

Them Chemicals

‘them Chemicals’ is a Belgian alternative-electronic (pop)rock smoothy, formed by Dyno Pascal (vocals, guitar, keys), Alexandre Lefebvre (drums) and Guy Kokken (bass). “We don’t fit in with the rockbands, we’re miles away from...

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Schntzl is a duo composed of Casper Van De Velde on drums and Hendrik Lasure on Keys, they played together for the first time in 2009. They were both in their early teens...

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Pak Yan Lau

Pak Yan Lau solo

After her piano studies in Belgium and Portugal, Pak Yan’s musical interests made a shift towards free improvisation and sound/noise related music. Her love for curious sounding objects, her obsession for toys and...

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Back Back XL

A Belgian based jazz trio. “An unusual line-up” you might think, or “no bass player, isn’t that a handicap?” Not so with Backback. Through years of rehearsing, gigging, and recording the trio has...

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